Your financial numbers are your story

If that isn’t great why not create a happier story by planning your future? 

Accounts are in reality a story – they explain where you have come from – although using numbers rather than words 

As you look through your accounting figures you start to probe, to ask questions.  

You ask ‘Why is that?’ Also, ‘Do they make sense?’ Thinking like that makes you realise that you need to work with your accountant, the business partner to your firm, to understand your story, your history. How did we get here? It is a rich learning experience. 

  • But what if you don’t like where you’ve come from?  
  • Why not build a future you want? Why not build your dreams?  
  • You can do this by planning your future.  

Through historic financial numbers (your starting point, where you’ve come from) and strategic planning and forecasts you can start to build the future you want, where you want to be.  

By taking time out and focussing on where you want to be you can come up with a series of action steps (your strategic plan over the next up to 5 years).  

Combine that with the numbers you need to achieve, you have a financial forecast and plan to get where you want. Then keep measuring in a regular disciplined way, we recommend at least quarterly calendar through quarterly management accounts and board meetings, tweaking plans and forecasts and reviewing them all annually. In this way you make yourself accountable.  

Through measuring your past through your accounts, strategic planning and forecasting your future and measuring your performance as you move through your future you have a plan for your success.  

Why not get in touch to let us help you to build a new story, your happier future.