Starting up a business. Don’t give up! Build bounceabackability…


When I originally started my own business back in 2005 I thought I was going to conquer the world and build a big business quickly.  

Well it wasn’t quite like that.  

I initially read a great book by Alan Weiss on building a brand which emphasised spreading your marketing across many platforms – which is what I did.  

I quite quickly won a few clients including one sizeable one but then unbelievably went four months without winning one new client.  

How do you cope with that?  

I simply kept believing  

I kept doing essentially the same things as I knew they were right.  

I dug deep into my reserves of ‘bounceabackability’.  

I researched and sought advice wherever I could get it (free of course).  

I took work in another firm of accountants to learn more.  

I met other accountants in practice who thought I was mad to start up a new practice.  

But I kept going…..I kept bouncing back.  

And then suddenly, I started winning new clients, lots of them.  

As the business grew a new cliff appeared (I really needed an office) and ever since there’s been new cliffs, new challenges – also some difficult times – but bounceabackability and perseverance is the key.  

So don’t give up!

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