Start with Why

When I started Sanders Geeson (my accountancy practice business) in 2005 I started with a blank piece of paper. 

I wanted to have my own business, be only accountable to myself, to be in control.   

Staring at the blank piece of paper the question I asked was, “What do I want to do?”   

I thought, I want to help others, make a difference. Who could I help? Business owners of course, I thought.   

I decided I wanted to help business owners to build a successful business, whether that was financially successful – or just doing what they wanted, to fulfil their own dream. 

I started with Why?   

I had a purpose.   

As the business grew typically like all other businesses we had lots of challenges, cliffs to climb, and difficult times too.   

But I had my fire, my passion to help others, make a difference with business owners. This has kept me going. I’m doing the job I always wanted, the one I designed. 

So what is your purpose? What is your ‘why?’   

A few years ago I came across a great book, Start With Why by Simon Sinek (he has also recorded a classic TED talk which can be found on You Tube). Why not have a look and get inspired to do what you want, to live your life?   

Get in touch and share your business purpose, your why, with me…I would be delighted to hear from you.  Why ? I have just told you!