Your trusted finance partner giving you better understanding of the finances of the business, helping to manage business risk and plan for the future, so you can get done what you want to achieve.

Ensuring you, your family and business are more successful and enabling you to have more time to focus on running your business, giving you peace of mind in your business and your life.

Most smaller businesses can’t afford a dedicated Finance Director but will undertake this role part time themselves as best they can. We can help support and mentor you in undertaking your Finance Director role.

Our flexible Finance Director Mentoring service is supported by digital management accounting services (provided through The Sanders Partnership, Chartered Accountants) including online bookkeeping, monthly or quarterly management accounts, cash flow and profit forecasts, managing break-even and profit targeting and debt management. We help you get an understanding of where you are right now. 

We also help in business planning, profit improvement, risk management, finance education and training at all levels of the business, to help you get focus and get you to where you want to be going forward.

We have on several occasions helped clients to recruit finance staff into their finance team and facilitated a hand over of services from ourselves to the client as the business grows. We are here to support… even if we have to let go of the day to day involvement!

Our experience tells us that a lack of confidence in financial control and understanding the numbers distracts from growing the business. Our goal is to give you the power to understand your finances and to grow your profits. We help to manage your own finances within the business with finance director mentoring support ongoing to keep an eye out on things through financial control, allowing you the peace of mind to focus more on what you enjoy.

Jan leads the team in providing this service and his profile can be found here on Linked In.

To find out more and for a free no obligation consultation, contact Jan on 07890 239442 or email him on