In April 2023 we undertook a Diversity Survey including the employees of The Sanders Partnership, the sister company of My Personal Finance Director (t/a Jan Financial Planning). The Diversity Survey was delivered by Riliance, members of the Access Group in conjunction with our professional regulatory body, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

8 team members were covered in the Diversity Survey and the results are summarised as follows:
  • 3 members are Partners in the firm, with 2 managers (all 5 are qualified chartered accountants, one ACCA, the others ICAEW) and 3 members are Apprentice trainees
  • 2 team members are over 65 years old, 3 between 25 and 45, the 3 trainees are under 25 years old
  • 5 team members are female, 3 male
  • We have no team members with identified disabilities
  • We have one team member of Pakistani ethnic background, the others of British ethnic background (one team member has a father who was Polish)
  • 4 team members identify themselves as religious
  • All team members identified themselves as straight sexual orientation
  • One team member was the first person from the family to go to university
  • All team members went to either a state school or state-funded school-selective on academic, faith or other grounds
  • 5 team members had parents with university degrees, similarly 5 team members have a degree level qualification. 2 to 3 team members had income support or free school meals whilst at school
  • Of the team members, 6 had parents with professional/office work backgrounds
  • 2 team members look after children and no team members identify themselves as having other caring responsibilities
  • 4 team members are married
  • One team member has taken paternity leave in the last 5 years

We feel that the results of this survey are good, as we have a wide age range, a good gender mix, a breadth of qualifications and people from a varied social, ethnic and faith backgrounds. The survey identifies we have no one with a disability; however we are sensitive to and supportive of any team members with any mental health issues should they arise. We are open to anyone irrespective of their sexual orientation.

It is particularly pleasing to see how socially mobile our team is, reflecting our emphasis on training, especially of our bright young Apprentices, whatever their background. We have several qualified team members with wide work experiences, putting us in a great place to train people.