Your finance partner who you can trust to guide you through the setting up your business, giving you total peace of mind and ensuring that you pay the least tax possible, we can help you focus on successfully growing your business and raising finance if needed.

Is the setting up of your new business a worry? Do you worry about HMRC, bookkeeping, raising money, finances generally, making sales and enough money? We have helped many businesses start up, most successfully.

We take away the worry of registering the business and yourself and fellow Directors with HMRC, also a payroll and for VAT. We help establish a limited company. We explain how limited companies work and we can help raise any finance required. We can help set up your online bookkeeping package and explain how it works.

We can explain what you need to watch out for in the finances in your business, mentoring you as the business grows to ensure its success. We can keep an eye out on your bookkeeping, ensuring it delivers the information you need on a timely basis.

Want help with understanding pricing, margins, managing your costs and overheads, your marketing and cash flows? Work with us as your own finance director, part of our club.

We also help new business start ups get focus on their goals, purpose and vision, from  which we can help develop a business plan, KPI targets and budgets against which you can measure your business success. We would also ask you think of your end game in terms of what you want from your business in the future. However underpinning all this, we would start by developing your personal and family financial goals, which drives your business goals.

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